„I had maybe 15 people in the book store, and a big stock of books for cash registered. And I sold 4 books.“
After Lisa, the author of the book series “Knocked Up Abroad”, published successfully her first book, things went a bit unexpected with her second book launch. Still Lisa is convinced the benefits from writing a book are worth all the effort: books enhance an entrepreneur’s or professional’s credibility and expertise in their subject area. Lisa’s mission is to guide authors through the whole process, and she has a great blog that explains why every professional should add a book to their portfolio.
Watch that very honest story that stresses one important message: „When circumstances change, you need to adjust things to be successful again.”
And here you go right away to Lisa’s book series “Knocked Up Abroad”:

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  • Almost the same happened to my friend…but it was actually his first book project…
    Thanks for sharing!!