For Companies

Interactive Workshop For Teams:

Why Gamification and Storytelling are key to unlock your team’s failure stories

We offer 3 teams a free 3hr-teamcoaching in Amsterdam/ Jordaan – or at your office.
Read above, what we need from you in return…

Free workshop experience for your team: from „blaming“ to „learning culture“!
Just imagine, your team could open up about failures and learnings by sharing stories about crazy mistakes, foolish decisions, and unreasonable attempts. And imagine, you all had fun!

We’ll give you this workshop experience!! We will

  • provide a stage for you and your teammates’ great failure stories, by using elements from storytelling & gamification.
  • show you a playful approach to introduce your team to „failing“ resp. learning culture and its benefits.
  • give you inspiration on how to take your team to the next level of learning in the long run.

No observers needed!
We need you to open up, to share stories where you really failed – either at school, at university, in your first or current job.

Spoiler cont.
This workshop is our pilot, and the starting point of a 3 module team program.
So all we want from you is your feedback, 1 or 2 weeks after you attended the workshop.