Fail better

Here you’ll find all kind of resources that will help you to get the most out of your fuckups!

6 tipps to deal with failures – when you and your team are used to success


4 Level of participation

How can you avoid a major business fuckup, and that’s bad handling of participation when it comes to big decisions?
Learn about the 4 Level of participation – and be relieved that participation is not necessarily basis-democracy!




The truth behind one of the most poisoning terms used in business: Work-Life-Balance. Watch that video to understand why the use of this term slowly screws up our perception of work.


Die Berufsoptimierer!

About the blessing of stumbling in your job life (and more…) – German language


FOMO – The Fear of Missing Out:

So you are finally on that great concert you waited for months – and you manage just by visiting social media to reduce all the joy and fun? Learn about FOMO and how to protect your moments from the wonderful, incredibly good life of others!


The Celebration Grid: 

Are you sick and tired of these inspirational quotes that want you to celebrate each day of your life, even the days where you screwed up?
Watch my video about Jurgen Appelo‘s celebration grid and figure out when it’s time to light the candles on the cake!