How to join:

– Just browse some of our videos to understand what this is all about. Get inspired, be surprised!

– If you feel like sharing your own fuckup story, please record a short 3-4 min video by simply answering 2 questions:

1. What was my fuckup?
2. What was my take away?

It truly can be any topic of your job life – either you had a bad meeting, or you screwed up a project, or you throw spaghetti on someone’s suit in the cafeteria!

Please contact us and you’ll get all information how to get your video on the most secure way to us so it can be published on our vlog:

We don’t publish anything without your concrete permission – and you can ask us to delete your video whenever you feel like!

How to do your video:

– Be specific.
It’s about story telling – let us “see” what happened, take us to moments, to places and to people.
– Be short.
Just try to get your story done in roundabout 3-4 minutes, to keep it juicy.
– Be you.
We are not here to find the next YouTube star – hell no! Just tell your story and don’t worry about the perfect set-up, the perfect light, or perfect wording. Just use your mobile. And use any language you like – feel comfortable with it!
– Be proud.
Whatever happened to you – you survived! So feel free to tell the world where you are right now in your professional life, and how your fuckup maybe even helped you to get there.